You Won't Believe What's
Inside This Purse

By: Khalil Taylor, Mackenzie Sherman, and Vanessa Abplanalp

August 8, 2018


This stylish handbag functions as much more than just an accessory, but this custom designed purse has a hidden pocket that contains a device that could potentially save your life; The Amulet by Aubry Lane.


The Amulet functions as a two-way communication device and GPS tracker. With the Aubry Lane app you’re able to track the location of your Amulet 24/7. If you ever find yourself in danger or feeling unsafe press the SOS button on the Amulet to call one of your five pre-programmed contacts or alert authorities to your current location. 


With up to a week of battery life, you can have your Amulet with you on the go and not worry about charging it every day. That way, it’s ready in whatever situation you need it in. When the battery is low the dock or micro USB port makes charging your Amulet easy and convenient.


Every purse, clutch, backpack, and tote purchased from Amazon comes with an Aubry Lane wireless Power Bank that gives you the ability to charge your device directly from your purse or anywhere else. With a variety of colors and designs Aubry Lane's wide assortment of products make it easy to stay safe and stylish.