You Won’t Believe This Purse’s Hidden Surprise


Hidden Pocket

This handbag is fashionable, modern, beautiful, and might just save your life. Each Aubry Lane purse features a hidden pocket carrying a breakthrough in personal security: The Amulet.


Emergency Phone and a GPS Tracker

The Amulet is both an emergency phone and a GPS tracker. If you ever feel unsafe, just press the Amulet’s SOS button to call the authorities or prearranged contacts. Or if your purse gets stolen, use the Aubry Lane app to instantly find the location of your Amulet.


long lasting battery life

While cell phones quickly consume power, the Amulet keeps on going. Its battery life lasts 3-7 days. When it does come time to charge the Amulet, you can use the charging dock or either a micro USB Cord or our included Aubry Lane Power Bank.


Different Designs and colors

Even without the Amulet, Aubry Lane’s bags are a must. The collection of different design and colors makes Aubry Lane a staple of both fashion and safety.