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The Aubry Lane Amulet is an emergency cell phone, SOS button, and GPS tracker, all in one intuitive device. Make emergency calls to up to five contacts, and use the app to track your Amulet nearly anywhere in the world


Hidden Pocket

Hidden pocket for Aubry Lane Amulet GPS Tracker and 3G emergency cell phone
Concealed access to hidden pocket containing Aubry Lane Amulet GPS tracker and 3G emergency cell phone

The hidden pocket in each Aubry Lane handbag conceals your Amulet while still provided easy access in case of emergency



Locking Security Pocket


Larger Aubry Lane totes and handbags have a zipper feature that locks with a clasp for secure storage.


Web and Mobile Applications

Desktop and mobile tracking for Aubry Lane Amulet GPS tracker and 3G emergency cell phone, online registration and updates for Amulet settings, iOS app available for download from Apple App Store

To create or access your Aubry Lane account, click the FIND MY AMULET button on the top right of our site. From there, you can click your bag to track its location.


Aubry Lane Power Bank

Aubry Lane Power Bank wireless cell phone charger

The Aubry Lane Power Bank comes with every purchase of an Aubry Lane handbag. Charge your Amulet, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone/tablet wirelessly or using the two USB ports