Aubry Lane Amulet GPS Tracker and Emergency Cell Phone with technology special features

The Aubry Lane Amulet is a 1-button emergency SOS, cell phone, and GPS device. The Amulet allows you or your Aubry Lane handbag to be tracked almost anywhere in the world. It provides two-way communication over a global cellular network, so you can initiate an emergency call with your designated contacts.

Hidden Pocket

 Hidden pocket for Aubry Lane Amulet GPS Tracker and 3G emergency cell phone
 Concealed access to hidden pocket containing Aubry Lane Amulet GPS tracker and 3G emergency cell phone

Each Aubry Lane handbag comes with a hidden pocket to conceal the Aubry Lane Amulet, while still allowing easy access to your device. A user can press the SOS button or remove the device if it needs to be charged. 

Locking Security Pocket

 Security pocket with clasp lock inside Aubry Lane bag

Larger Aubry Lane handbags and totes come with a locking compartment that allows you to store items securely inside your handbag. For ease of use, the lock is a clasp rather than a combination or key lock.

Web and Mobile Applications

 Desktop and mobile tracking for Aubry Lane Amulet GPS tracker and 3G emergency cell phone, online registration and updates for Amulet settings, iOS app available for download from Apple App Store

Aubry Lane has a web portal application on our site (see the LOCATE MY AMULET button on the top right).  Clicking on this link will bring you to the Aubry Lane GPS portal where you can create or access your account.  Once you’re in the portal, you can click on your bag to track it anywhere in the world.

Aubry Lane Power Bank

 Aubry Lane Power Bank wireless cell phone charger

The Power Bank is a wireless power charger that is included with every Aubry Lane handbag purchase. It allows for wireless charging of your Aubry Lane Amulet or other devices such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone/tablet. The Power Bank includes an adapter for wireless charging, as well as 2 wired USB ports for devices that do not support wireless charging.

The Power Bank can charge multiple devices for up to 8 or more hours before it needs to be recharged. Charge duration may be longer if you are charging a single device.

Bluetooth vs. Cellular

The article (linked above) does a great job of explaining exactly why we don't use Bluetooth.