Programs and Incentives



Thank you for wanting to join the Aubry Lane Movement! With this opportunity, you will be your own boss, work flexible hours, and have a high earning potential. With our Ambassador Program, we teach you how to build your marketing, public relations, social media, and sales skills to grow your own business. We will provide you with marketing materials which will include images and videos to post on your social media and any support or tools you may need. This opportunity allows you to develop your skills with our proven world-class marketing techniques and see your sales develop.

Once you join our Ambassador Program, you have a couple of great options for starter kits. These kits will be used to demonstrate the Aubry Lane product set to your clients, and to help them understand the company message and how we’re empowering women. After you purchase your kit, you will be able to start earning commission based on your sales.

You just have to hold a minimum of two parties a month and post on your social media at least three times a week. These parties can be anything outlined in the guidelines that will be provided to you. Some examples could be a brunch, a spa event, etc. Be creative!


When a bag is purchased using your discount code, you will receive a 25% commission on the wholesale price! When you hit sales milestones, you will also earn rewards. For each milestone you accomplish, you will receive a bonus depending on which level you have achieved (please see incentive package below).

·      $1,000 net new sales  = $50 bonus

·      $10,000 net new sales = $500 bonus

·      $100,000 net new sales = $7,500 bonus

·      $250,000 net new sales = $10,000 bonus and an all expenses paid club trip for you and a guest

We also offer reward opportunities for meeting social media engagement thresholds, driving website traffic that results in purchase conversions and other occasional pop-up contests! You'll receive emails with this information.