They took care of you your entire life, and now it’s your time to take care of them. Elderly people make up our parents, grandparents, and friends. We want to protect them from the health risks of age, but injury and health problems are a near certainty. Thankfully, Aubry Lane ensure you and the senior important to you are prepared for these situations. Specifically, the Amulet helps with:

-       Elopement

-       High Stress Situations

-       Falling


Wandering is a common problem among the elderly, and it is only growing. From 2006 to 2009, reported cases of elderly wandering went up by 38 percent. Once out of the care of loved ones and professionals, these seniors risk significant confusion and injury.

Without the Amulet, finding wandering seniors is a difficult task to accomplish. With the Amulet, it is as simple as using the “Find My Amulet” function on Aubry Lane’s website or app. You’ll instantly know where the elderly person has wandered and be continually updated to their location.

High Stress Situations

Help keep your loved ones safe by providing a solution that allows them to immediately contact the authorities or family members in the case of emergency by pressing the Amulet’s SOS button.

Falling Down

Every 11 seconds an emergency room treats an elderly person’s injuries from falling. While there are steps caretakers can take to mitigate environmental and health risks, there is no foolproof way to prevent falling.

Caretakers can rest easy with Aubry Lane. The Amulet comes with automatic fall detection. When the Amulet falls it will automatically send an SOS to the contacts.