It’s been awhile, but you are officially back in the dating game. You even have a lunch date coming up to help you shake off the rust. The guy is a relative stranger, so you follow all the right procedures: checked him out, told friends where you’d be, chose a public place, et cetera. As you head out to lunch, the pre-date jitters start to rise. What if you’re too rusty? What if he’s creepy? What if this is all a big mistake?

Then you calm down and grab your Aubry Lane handbag. Remember that in the absolute worst-case scenario, help is only one Amulet button push away. Plus, the GPS means that friends can track the location at any time, allowing friends and family to check up on you without disturbing your date. Also, thanks to the hidden security pocket, all those safety features are safely tucked away.


After you pick up the purse, you see yourself in the mirror with the handbag. You look good. The bag perfectly accentuates your outfit, not overshadowing what you have on but also not looking dull. It is also just your style, a perfect way of being the best you possible.

Now you confidently walk out the door with your chin held high, instead of letting stress and worry rule your day, you feel prepared for whatever may happen. Now your energy can be where it’s supposed to be- having fun on the date. You can fully enjoy the other person’s company (or don’t worry about if you’re not).