You can’t go to school with your children, but with Aubry Lane they are only a button press away. Parents and kids alike rave over the safety and style Aubry Lane products provide.

why parents love it

Now parents can keep an eye on their kids even when miles away. Aubry Lane’s app constantly shows the location of every amulet. Combine the GPS with the simple to use SOS feature, children with the Amulet are prepared for the worst. In short, the Amulet provides kids all the security of a cell phone with none of the temptation to text in class.

why kids love it

Aubry Lane also sells kids’ backpacks. Children love bright colors and barnyard faces, and the hidden Amulet compartment make them feel like super spies. Kids do not even have to part with Aubry Lane backpacks if they get dirty or smelly because each one has a removable liner. For older kids, Aubry Lane also sells fancy backpacks, laptop bags, and purses. These items give older kids a taste of adulthood while still keeping them safe.