Kid Friendly Safety Technology

The Aubry Lane Amulet is not limited to women’s purses: Aubry Lane has a selection of children’s backpacks that are a perfect gift as back to school time is approaching. The security technology within the Amulet can give you peace of mind and encourage you to give your child the independence they’ve been craving. The Amulet is the ideal compromise between child and parents as well. They may not be quite ready for a phone and the dangers that come with screen time, but you are wanting them to be safe as they venture out this summer. Like a phone, your child can still talk directly into the Amulet but will not have the option to text friends or surf the web. With the new given freedom, your child can take the Amulet anywhere and everywhere. Below are some common places that the Amulet can travel with your child.

Organize Your Aubry Lane Bag

A women’s handbag literally carries her life.  A disorganized purse can contribute to an already stressful situation. By carrying a purse filled with junk you are unable to find what you need when you need it. Keeping your Aubry Lane bag organized is so important in case of emergency. You don’t want your cluttered mess to keep you from accessing the Amulet when you really need it. Follow these steps for a more organized handbag.