Aubry Lane

Ode to My Genuine Leather Purse

I didn’t know the difference between knock-offs and genuine leather bags until I actually purchased a high-end purse. And when I finally did, I felt the durability and smelled the long life my purse would have. I began to really appreciate the fine stitching and intricate design. I saw my purse as timeless— a staple I’d keep forever and even pass down. If you’re anything like me, you’d refuse to put it down and most likely set it in your lap when out to eat because buying your first genuine leather purse is a big deal. It’s a rite of passage to womanhood- your first “baby”.

Organize Your Aubry Lane Bag

A women’s handbag literally carries her life.  A disorganized purse can contribute to an already stressful situation. By carrying a purse filled with junk you are unable to find what you need when you need it. Keeping your Aubry Lane bag organized is so important in case of emergency. You don’t want your cluttered mess to keep you from accessing the Amulet when you really need it. Follow these steps for a more organized handbag.

The Perfect Aubry Lane Bag for Your Summer Events

No matter where your summer plans take you, there is an Aubry Lane handbag for any occasion. There are a perfectly styled selection of handbags that can fit exactly what need to take with you on these hot summer days. From your best friend’s wedding to the state fair, Aubry Lane is dedicated to making you look your best and keeping you prepared.