Mothers and Daughters –Same Fear


No matter of age, the fear of victimization in women is present. Fear is not something that dissipates with age, but could rather be heightened with age because of the lack of ability to protect one’s self. The Western Criminology Review reported that fear and age actually have a curvilinear relationship. Considering this relationship is important when understanding that 1 in 5 women will be assaulted in their life time.


Mothers and daughters alike live with this fear. Your mother may have been there to protect you while you grew, but now it is your turn to love and protect her as she ages. With her growing fear, you can gift potentially life-saving technology to put her at ease. The reality of sexual assault is that over half of crimes are between the ages of 18 and 35, but if the victim, your loved one, is aged it could be more of a physically damaging attack.



Gifting an Aubry Lane bag and Amulet to your mother could really change a damaged perspective. She may be experiencing fear as much as you may be and having safety technology within reach could help decrease that fear. She could contact you and four other pre-programed emergency contacts with just one press of the SOS button. You could even activate and set up her Amulet in the Aubry Lane app, so all she has to worry about is pressing the SOS button when she needs help.


At Aubry Lane, we know you not only want to keep your mother safe, but also keep her feeling safe and we believe gifting Aubry Lane products can do that.

By Rose Overbey