Gifting Aubry Lane to a Significant Other


When you have someone in your life you really care about, you want to protect them. Men, especially, want to protect the women they love. While It is impossible to always be with their significant other, Aubry Lane offers a solution. Purchasing an Aubry Lane bag and Amulet for the special woman in your life not only gives women confidence and safety, but lets their partner contribute to that safety and feeling of empowerment.

The Aubry Lane team sat down with a couple to ask a few questions about fashion, safety, and caring for loved ones. Below Micah and Amy reflect on the gift of Aubry Lane Micah gave, and what the deeper meaning is.



Q: Why is it important for the woman in your life to feel safe and confident at the same time? Give an example of a time you had to protect a woman in your life.

Micah: I feel that safety and confidence are essential in a healthy relationship. Without feeling safe I don’t think women can truly be confident in themselves and whatever they choose to do. I don’t remember a time I’ve directly protected a woman from serious danger, but in any social setting I think of myself as a protective figure. 


Q: In regards to protecting your loved ones, how would you say you do this on a daily or weekly basis? If nothing specific comes to mind, how might you implement keeping your loved ones more safe? 

Micah: Since nothing specific comes to mind about how I actively protect women in my life, I should use that to try implementing activities such as asking them directly about if they feel comfortable and safe rather than just assuming how they feel and what they think. 


Q: What does a woman’s confidence look like to you from your perspective? How does safety play a role in that confidence, if any at all?

Micah: Confidence to me is the ability to do whatever she wants whenever she wants, regardless of what others think or say. Having confidence to live life on your own terms and in order to do that you have to feel safe and secure in every aspect.


Q: Do you think there’s a need in Indianapolis for more safety? Why or why not? Give specific examples if you have any.

Micah: I think every major city could be more safe. There are definitely areas lacking in Indianapolis and the first one to come to mind is whenever Amy would run downtown. she would have to do it during the day time. If she ever wanted to go running after sundown, she would worry about her safety and be limited because of that. 


Q: How would Aubry Lane help the women in your life? What value would this have for you and your loved ones? 

Micah: Aubrey Lane would be able to provide one more added layer of security and protection, thus increasing Amy’s confidence and happiness as a direct result. When her happiness, confidence, and safety are high, I am equally as happy and satisfied. 



Q: What does feeling confident mean to you? Give an example of a time when you feel the most confident about your body and surroundings. 

Amy: Feeling confident to me is not having to second guess myself or think twice about what I'm doing. It's having trust in myself and those around me. I've felt most confident during recruitment with my sorority sisters, when I knew we were doing a great job and everyone was encouraging each other. I felt like we could do anything.


Q: What does feeling safe mean to you? Is feeling safe important to you? why?

Amy: Being safe to me means not having to worry about being harmed. It's important to me because, as a woman, there's situations I'm in everyday that are varying degrees of "unsafe" because I live in the city. Anything could happen - so having something that makes me feel safe helps put me at ease.


Q: In regards to being a woman and being safe, what does your ideal safe feeling and situation look like?
Amy: Not having to worry about being safe is my ideal situation. Many people navigate through their lives everyday never having to think about whether or not something is going to happen to them when they walk alone or go jogging at night. My ideal situation is being able to do these things without worry, because I know I'm protected.


Q: What are ways you might suggest to keep your loved ones safe? What are ways you would like to see your significant other implement to keep you and your loved ones safe? Example: Maybe be more cautious, share your location, use technology devices, etc. 
Amy: I share my location with a lot of people to help me feel safe, but I also try to be very aware of my surroundings at all times. Realistically, there isn't a ton I can do without altering my lifestyle to stay safe in the city at night. Studies show even things like carrying mace don't increase survival rates of women much, so besides keeping my eyes open and watching those around me, life as a woman is accepting that at any point something can happen to me that I may not be able to defend against. I suggest that my friends travel in well lit areas and bring their phones, but I also don't want others to change how they live their lives because they're at risk. It's a very complex issue that many men don't ever have to think about.


Q: Fashion, safety, and confidence — how would you describe the relationship between these 3 categories? Does Aubry Lane do a good job of this? why?  

Amy: I think Aubry Lane does a good job of helping women who travel alone often because of the amulet’s features. Their products are fashionable which makes women more likely to use them, and can give women confidence in both their looks and their overall safety. It's a unique product design and I'd love to see it become more popular. 

By Rose Overbey