Back to School With Aubry Lane


The first day of school is approaching quickly and Aubry Lane bags are the perfect accessory to send with your kids. Whether you or your daughter is starting first grade or entering college, Aubry Lane has a bag for you. Aubry Lane bags allows students to enter their next step of education with security technology always within reach.

 Especially if you or your daughter is beginning college, Aubry Lane can give her the confidence to walk campus with no fears. Assault is a serious issue on college campuses, so investing in products that can ensure safety is so important. Also, with the real-time GPS tracking feature on the Amulet, students can track their bag on the Aubry Lane app if their bag is misplaced or stolen. The Aubry Lane Aysel backpack and Mirele laptop bag are perfect for carrying to class. Both spacious bags can fit all the back-to-school essentials.


As for elementary students, Aubry Lane has an assortment of children’s farm animal backpacks. For helpful hints for using Aubry Lane’s children line of bags read the previous post Kid Friendly Safety Technology.

Aubry Lane cares about your students’ safety so much that we are offering a back-to-school sale. To access 20% off of all bags and the Aubry Lane Amulet use the code “BTS20” (excludes Amulet service). Aubry Lane is also offering a new year-round discount for students of 25% off. If you are a student use the code VIPSTUDENT (again, excluding Amulet service).


As you or your child are running to the bus this season don’t forget your Aubry Lane bag and Amulet.

By Rose Overbey