Ode to My Genuine Leather Purse


I didn’t know the difference between knock-offs and genuine leather bags until I actually purchased a high-end purse. And when I finally did, I felt the durability and smelled the long life my purse would have. I began to really appreciate the fine stitching and intricate design. I saw my purse as timeless— a staple I’d keep forever and even pass down. If you’re anything like me, you’d refuse to put it down and most likely set it in your lap when out to eat because buying your first genuine leather purse is a big deal. It’s a rite of passage to womanhood- your first “baby”. It is an item that made me feel elevated as a woman. I found the sophistication that comes with owning an expensive purse to be empowering. Once I had the pockets stocked with grown woman things like a tide-to-go stick and an organized planner, I felt on top and unstoppable.


Genuine leather doesn’t come cheap either. After saving up by working extra shifts and skipping that hair appointment, I was ready to value my new bag. I knew if I invested in my genuine leather bag I’d save money later by not having to replace it (or at least that’s how I justified it to myself). I didn’t want some fake leather purse to start crumbling on me in a few months, so I splurged. I wanted to get the most out of my bag too, so I chose a color that matches with the majority of my wardrobe, which I definitely would recommend. Also, deciding on a purse with adjustable straps or even ones that can be removed let me wear it exactly how I wanted. My genuine leather purse is special to me, but yes, practical too.


After becoming comfortable with my genuine leather purse, I turned my head at the knock-offs, even cringed at the obnoxious bling and oversized logos on the fakes. I wouldn’t fall for the sneaky tricks at the flea-market anymore. Rather, I take my purse with me everywhere and flaunt it proudly as it makes me feel like a true woman.

By Rose Overbey