92 Seconds

Every 92 seconds a woman within the U.S. is sexually assaulted. The mundane 92 seconds it takes you to get dress, go through a car wash, watch a commercial, or change your Facebook profile picture a woman is assaulted. These seconds matter. When reaching for your phone when you need help, they matter. Don’t waste those seconds trying to unlock your phone and scrambling to call for authorities or family. The first step to preventing sexual assault is understanding the reality of how prevalent it is. Sexual assault is so rooted in our culture that it occurs more than you see yourself in a mirror. The majority of victims that result every 92 seconds will likely not report their assault.


Value your seconds by investing in an Aubry Lane Amulet.  The Amulet is a safer alternative when trying to reach help. With just a single push of the SOS button the Amulet instantly text and call 5 pre-programmed contacts, including 911 if you wish, and your location gets sent to all pre-programed contacts. By the time you are able to attempt calling or sending your location to anyone using your phone, it may be too late. Additionally, unlike your phone, the Amulet can stay charged three to five days. The Amulet is also a necessity in the case of an attack because attackers may throw or break your phone, but by having an Amulet you can contact help without bringing attention to it. The precaution taken by purchasing an Aubry Lane Amulet could potentially determine your 92 seconds.

By Rose Overbey