Ways to Empower Yourself


At the core of all of these tips is confidence and power. Once you love yourself and your ability you are able to use your power to better yourself. Keep these two concepts in mind as you try out these challenges because self-love and personal authority is what controls your life.


Know You Are Enough.

Before reading the rest of this blog, just know whether you decide to try out any of the following or not- you are enough. Your worth is not based on how productive you are. Your worth is not determined on how active or put together you are. This post is intended to help you find ways to feel happy through empowering yourself. Maybe you are empowered through a way that is not mentioned here, and that is completely fine. However you find happiness and feel strong is the right way.


Experience More

Get out there! You never age if you are constantly challenging yourself to try something new. This can include education. Learning about the world and its beautiful cultures can widen your horizons and encourage you to travel and experience them for yourself. Taking on this challenge can even be as little as slowing down and walking to work, you may be surprised by the change in perspective.


Trust Yourself

You are doing the best you can. Doubting yourself is a dangerous spiral and should be avoided. A saying I’ve always loved is “Fake it till you make it.” It may be a little cliché, but very true. If you take action with confidence those around you will trust you, and more importantly, you will too. So, with everything you do, whether you got it together or not, charge ahead.


Date Yourself

In order to empower yourself you must know who you are. While this is a life-long process, it’s important to take time to devote to getting to know you. You can “date” yourself by trying new foods, wearing a new style, rearranging your home, or going to the movies alone. These activities may help you realize what you like and what you don’t and from there who you are and who you are not. Buy yourself a gift just because it makes you feel good. It could be a new lipstick or the Aubry Lane Amulet. What ever makes you feel empowered and in control of your situation.


Invest in You

Actively working towards your dreams is important. Dedicating yourself to your passions can make you feel successful and in turn, motivate you further. You owe it to yourself to use your natural skills to be elevated. You are worth more than just paying bills and dieting.


Have Standards

This begins by respecting yourself. If you do not respect yourself, others won’t.  Only let people into your life that uplift you.  If you believe you only deserve the best, then your actions should reflect that by being selective of who you decide to surround yourself with. This can extend to friendships, but especially romantic relationships. Don’t settle, if you’re not happy you probably deserve better.


Accept Your Beauty

You are beautiful, be nice to yourself. Accepting beauty is the hardest part though, especially if you tend to pick out your flaws. It helps to speak to yourself as you would a friend. Compliment yourself when deserved and come to terms with your physical flaws, they make you more beautiful anyway. Make an effort to buy a new outfit that makes you feel like your best self then strut!


Learn How to Protect Yourself

Taking a self-defense can make you feel powerful and in control. Feeling the strength and damage your body can do is so empowering. After training you can walk with more confidence knowing you can protect yourself.

By Rose Overbey