Kid Friendly Safety Technology

The Aubry Lane Amulet is not limited to women’s purses: Aubry Lane has a selection of children’s backpacks that are a perfect gift as back to school time is approaching. The security technology within the Amulet can give you peace of mind and encourage you to give your child the independence they’ve been craving. The Amulet is the ideal compromise between child and parents as well. They may not be quite ready for a phone and the dangers that come with screen time, but you are wanting them to be safe as they venture out this summer. Like a phone, your child can still talk directly into the Amulet but will not have the option to text friends or surf the web. With the new given freedom, your child can take the Amulet anywhere and everywhere. Below are some common places that the Amulet can travel with your child.

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 Waiting for the bus can be dangerous, especially if it is dark out. With the Amulet you can live GPS track your child, letting you know exactly when they are headed to school safely. Also, stay in-the-know when they’ll be home if you’re running late from an appointment, the grocery, work, ect.


A Friend’s House

With the Amulet you can make sure your child is where they said they would be, keeping them honest. In addition, they can call you to check in or as they walk home so they feel safer.


The Park

While your local park is a fun place for your children to spend the afternoon, it can also be a place with stranger danger. Letting them walk with just their friends may be important to your child and with the Amulet you will be confident in letting them go!


Amusement Parks

Crowds can be stressful. In a matter of seconds, you may lose sight of your child. You can replace the controversial child leash with the Amulet. Just slide the Amulet into their pocket before your day’s adventure and eliminate the risk of losing them.

Walking the Dog

 Walking around the neighborhood is generally a safe call, but if you live in a more public space or are new to an area there is no harm done in taking an extra precaution.


In all, the Amulet is the addition your child and you need in your daily life to keep them safe. It allows for unplugged playtime and doesn’t expose them to the dangers of a screen in their pre-teen years. The Amulet can help build trust and confidence between parent and child while the security technology does its job.

By Rose Overbey