How to Style Your Aubry Lane Bag with a Scarf

A fast and easy way to accessorize an Aubry Lane bag is with a classic silk scarf. Embrace those patterned scarfs to get a one-of-a-kind look. At first glance, it may not seem like an everyday accessory, but it could compliment your bag wonderfully. When paired with a neutral colored Aubry Lane bag the scarf provides the assistance in wearing a bag across seasons. For summer, a floral print and bold colors are appropriate, but when the leaves change you must match the scarf to those golden colors of muted reds and oranges. 

The Twisty-Handle


The first style, the twisty-handle, begins with a tied knot where the handle meets the bag. Continue with an even wrap around the single handle, keeping the fabric flat. Once the scarf reaches the other end of the handle, tie a knot. Finish the look by straightening the scarf ends so they fall naturally down the bag. 

The Classic Knot


The classic knot is another style that is easily applied to any Aubry Lane bag. This knot leaves most of the scarf hanging off and organically moving with the bag. Achieve this style by looping the scarf around one handle and tie the cloth like a shoelace without pulling the end all the way through, then tighten. This leaves the scarf highlighting the bag's features. 

The Double Bow


The final style is the double bow. This look can be achieved by tying a classic bow followed by using the ends and tying an additional bow on top of the previous one. This produces a four-sided bow that dresses up the look. 

This technique used on Aubry Lane bags allows for creativity and customization to keep you looking your best. There are endless combinations of fabrics and Aubry Lane bags that can create the right style, just for you. So, style your bag with confidence!

By Rose Overbey