4 Steps to Becoming an Active Bystander


With the confidence that the Aubry Lane Amulet gives women, the next step is becoming an active bystander for women who do not have the privilege of having security technology in their purse. The Amulet can assist more than just you. The Amulet helps you help others.

1.     Community Responsibility

Chances are someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault. Being able to realize this is your first step to becoming an active bystander. In fact, 1 out of 5 women will experience sexual violence in their life. Just consider, whether you are in public or at a dinner party- assault can happen anywhere. As an active bystander, you must resist the phrase "It's not my problem." Sexual harassment is everyone's problem and it will only change if bystanders acknowledge that it is their responsibility to just do something, anything. Changing this mindset is everything.

2.     Identify Warning Signs

To be an active bystander it is crucial to stay aware. Always know where you are and how to get out. Being aware of your surroundings can assist you in determining if there is a problem. Pay attention to body language and expressions of those around you, especially if it is too loud to overhear a conversation. Look out for other women who are alone and extend an invite to join you. When deciding if there is a problem and whether to intervene, go with your gut. If the situation is making you feel uneasy it is most likely uncomfortable for those involved.

3.     Find the Courage to Intervene

Intervening is simpler than it may seem. Your mind may tell you, “well, nobody else is doing anything.”  Why isn’t anyone? The harasser may be intimidating. However, just a quick question to the person is a good start. Check in by saying, “Are you OK?” or “Is that person bothering you?” Just let the harasser feel your presence and let them know you recognize and condemn the behavior.

4.     Distract. Delegate. Direct.

After finding it within yourself to stand up, the three D’s are different ways you can intervene depending on comfortability. First, you could distract. Spilling a drink at a party or bar is an excellent way to diverge the attention off of the victim then ask the person to go to the bathroom with you. You may not know the person, but the harasser most likely doesn’t know that. You are just creating a break in the situation and getting the person out of there. You could also delegate if the situation is too difficult to intervene. Ask staff or friends to help you. You do not have to do this alone. Lastly, you could be direct. Being vocal about what you are seeing and then physically taking the person out of the situation. Once one person speaks up and is direct more people are likely to join you. The harasser does not want attention and once you’ve called them out they may back off.

By taking these steps to become an active bystander you are making a difference. Your Aubry Lane Amulet can assist you in notifying authorities if you need to delegate and have no help near by. The Amulet can give you the confidence to speak up, knowing if things get out of hand you can contact help and send the GPS tracking details. Be a resource for women around you with the Aubry Lane Amulet by your side!

By Rose Overbey