Organize Your Aubry Lane Bag


A women’s handbag literally carries her life.  A disorganized purse can contribute to an already stressful situation. By carrying a purse filled with junk you are unable to find what you need when you need it. Keeping your Aubry Lane bag organized is so important in case of emergency. You don’t want your cluttered mess to keep you from accessing the Amulet when you really need it. Follow these steps for a more organized handbag.

1.     Empty it out

Go ahead, dump it all out. It will be easier to organize when you begin with a completely empty bag. By doing this you’ll reveal those storage pockets that have been hiding under all your junk.

2.     Separate into piles

Now you’ve got to make the decision of what needs to go. Do you really need all those lipsticks and customer cards from every nail salon you’ve ever been to? Place your things into three main piles to take action.

a.     Trash

You got it. This is everything that can be thrown out. Getting rid of all the wrappers and scrap paper in your purse is half the work.

b.     Everyday use

This will include things that will stay in your purse like headphones, sunglasses, planner, ect.

c.     Things to put away

This pile isn’t trash, but rather things that just don’t belong in your purse. Maybe you don’t really need every scrunchie you own in your purse, just keep one.


3.     Clean Out Your Wallet

Yes, your wallet is part of your purse. Rearrange your cards so your ID and credit cards are more accessible and categorize cards by membership, gift, ect. Definitely tear out the receipts in there too!


4.     Compartmentalize

Next you’ll need to focus on your everyday use items that are going back into the bag. Group these things by functionality like hair accessories and glasses/ contact care. You can put these necessities into cloth bags that zipper to keep your purse the most organized.


5.     Use All the Pockets

There’s pockets in there, you may have not noticed, but they’re in there. Use those pockets! By keeping your lipstick and change purse in a pocket within the purse you are avoiding the large mess that usually collects at the bottom of your bag.


6.     Get Another Bag

Depending on how much you like to keep in your bag it may be time for to go bigger or down size. Luckily, the Aubry Lane line of handbags offers purses in all sizes from wristlets to totes. If the bag you have now keeps getting cluttered, you probably need a smaller design to keep you from stuffing everything into it.

By Rose Overbey