The Perfect Aubry Lane Bag for Your Summer Events


No matter where your summer plans take you, there is an Aubry Lane handbag for any occasion. There are a perfectly styled selection of handbags that can fit exactly what need to take with you on these hot summer days. From your best friend’s wedding to the state fair, Aubry Lane is dedicated to making you look your best and keeping you prepared.


This sleek and stylish Navaiah bag pairs effortlessly with any summer dress appropriate for a wedding or your bridesmaid dress. The chain strap keeps your look from becoming bulky and the metal can compliment your gold jewelry.



At venues like a concert its important to carry a bag that allows you to operate hands-free. With the Lanette Clutch you’re able to keep your hands in the air while keeping your amulet and belongings close. This clutch won’t get in the way of your fun as it is easy to carry and can hold all the essentials.


Beer/Wine/ Food Festival

The Morina Tote is a must have when attending your local food and drink festival just in case you want to pick up a six-pack of your favorite craft beer on the way out. This gleaming design keeps you looking high-end while enjoying local brews and foods.


State Fair

The Aysel backpack is the best pick for a trip to the state fair this summer. This bag allows you to hop on those fair rides while storing that stuffed animal you won at darts. The spacious inside of this bag can also fit extra water bottles because hydrating is key at the fair.  Styling this Aysel backpack at the fair will complete any outfit and let you carry all the fair goodies.


Movie Night

The Nuria Bag matches with any casual outfit for the movies. Wearing your favorite pair of jeans? No problem, this brown leather partners wonderfully. Also, It’s simple design won’t draw attention to the fact that you’re bringing candy into the theater.


By Rose Overbey