Keep Safe by Exercising with the Amulet


Running alone is a fear for many women. In fact, according to a survey published by WCNC, 43% of women have experienced some type of harassment while out for a run. This fear should not keep women from doing something they love. Thankfully, the Aubry Lane Amulet can provide a solution to these feelings of fear for security. When you are not styling around town with your Aubry Lane bag, the Amulet can be removed and used while you are exercising outdoors. Because of the Amulet’s sleek and convenient size, it can be easily stashed away while running. Many runners prefer a waist belt; however, a cell phone is commonly too large to fit into these.  Also, a cell phone is difficult to carry while running and in case of emergency it still needs to be unlocked with a code, where the Amulet just requires one click. The Amulet can be pressed and send for help within seconds. Workout attire occasionally has small pockets on the back of the waist or on the leg. These are a perfect spot to keep your Amulet for easy access. By keeping your Amulet in these locations you can exercise hands-free and not have to worry about gripping your phone for safety. Therefore, the Amulet is a safer alternative while exercising.

In addition to carrying the Amulet while running, it is important to know when to use it. The Amulet can be a resource when you believe someone is following you or you are verbally harassed and just want to take precautions. You may have told someone where you are going, but do they know your specific route? It is crucial to consistently change your route so predators don’t know your routine, but this may be difficult to constantly update friends and family where exactly you’ll be. The GPS tracking technology in the Amulet can let your contacts know instantly where you are. Follow your gut in these situations by pressing the SOS button and notifying those that can help. So, next time you head out for a run grab your Aubry Lane Amulet!

By Rose Overbey