5 Tips for Using the Amulet

5 Tips for Using the Amulet


The Amulet and Aubry Lane bags are a great combination. However, the combination’s strongest part is the person carrying the items. Being prepared will allow you to best utilize Aubry Lane products in crises, so follow these five tips to stay safe. 


1. Practice Ahead of Time 

It is common for people to freeze during crises, so practice reaching into the hidden pocket and pressing the SOS button. The more familiar the movements are, the easier they will be during danger.


2. Stay Aware

A person’s greatest tools are their six senses. Staying cognizant of your surroundings allows you to identify danger quickly. The quicker you identify danger, the sooner you can use the Amulet to get help.


3. Feeling Unsure? Hold the Amulet

If you are uncomfortable but not in direct danger, then put the Amulet in your hand. That way if the situation escalates, you can use the Amulet immediately. 


4. Trust Your Instincts

Using the Amulet is often a judgment call. The best way to make that call is listening to instincts and airing on the side of caution. It is much better to explain a false alarm to police and friends than to risk your wellbeing. 


5. Keep the Amulet Hidden in Crisis Situations. 

During a heated interaction, it might seem wise to reveal the Amulet and show police are on route. However, once you reveal the Amulet, you risk someone taking it away from you. Keep the Amulet hidden and, most importantly, do whatever you can to exit the situation safely.