I started Aubry Lane with the purpose of bringing a fundamental change in how women get help in the case of an emergency. I spent 21 years volunteering in law enforcement and can think of countless stories where I’d arrive at a scene and find a woman or child that had been victimized and couldn’t get help in the critical moments of when the incident started. I knew as a Police Officer we could have dramatically changed the outcome if we had gotten there sooner, but we just didn’t know. We didn’t know because the woman we’d arrived to help had her phone taken away immediately by the person harming her. One specific incident which comes to mind that has always stuck with me was when I was a younger officer working midnights. We received a call that a woman with her child in the backseat had been carjacked and the suspect had put a gun to her head. He had demanded her cell phone and then threw it out the window and made her drive to an ATM to withdraw cash. When they finished and she was driving again she purposely crashed her car and bailed out and ran to the nearest home to call the police. The suspect bailed as well and we eventually caught him a block away. It dawned on me then that she was incredibly lucky, but there wasn’t anything that she could have done differently. I dealt with many instances where this, or worse, happened to women and there was little we could do to stop them due to their inability to call for help quickly. Incidentally my own mother had been a victim at times of aggressive men that wanted to hurt her or steal her belongings. When I created Aubry Lane, I wanted to fix this problem. We are inherently tied to our cell phones now and they’re great for calling for help, but what if you can’t get to your phone? What if your bag is stolen? What if your phone has been broken or thrown away? I thought through many ideas and felt the best way to solve this was to create a new approach in how women get help. It needed to be simple and reliable, but also had to give them an incentive to buy. Ultimately, I decided the best way was to combine unique safety technology with a fashionable handbag and Aubry Lane was born.