About Aubry Lane

Aubry Lane is a first of its kind safety technology and fashion company.  We were founded to help build a new market to provide safety to women and children using a fashion approach.  We bring to market a first of its kind emergency cell phone, SMS notification, and GPS tracking device and we design and manufacture quality leather handbags to hide the Amulet.  Each bag is constructed from the highest quality materials. Aubry Lane seamlessly integrates fashion and technology into each unique bag, ensuring both style and security. 

aubry lane logo.png

Our Team

Jordan Hetlund
CEO and Founder

Kristen Kaps
Creative/Operations Director

Moa Feldenheimer

Parker Misner
Lead Graphic Designer

Alexandra Gamble
Photographer/Social Media

Lila Dougherty
Handbag Designer

Evelyn Rossol
Handbag Designer

Landon Price
Photographer/Social Media

Justice Amick
Social Media Intern

Gwen Picket
Social Media Intern

Xuelu Zhu
Operations Intern






Olivia Zarate
Public Relations

Adam Jayne
Lead Software Developer

Peter Graham
Lead Software Developer

Brett Jones
Graphic Designer Intern

Kendall Genier
Graphic Designer Intern

Vanessa Abplanalp
Graphic Designer Intern

Zach Wang
Web Designer Intern

Mikoto Watanbe
Animation/Graphic Design Intern

Claire Colburn
Blogging/Social Media Intern

Tess Watkins
Social Media Intern

Siddhanth Rajagopalan
Exportation Analyst

Joe Grisham
Marketing Intern