About Aubry Lane

Aubry Lane is a first of its kind safety technology and fashion company.  We were founded to help provide a new market to provide safety to women and children using a fashionable container.  We design and manufacturer quality leather handbags.  Each bag is constructed from the highest quality materials. Aubry Lane seamlessly integrates fashion and technology into each unique bag, ensuring both style and security. 

aubry lane logo.png

Our Team

Jordan Hetlund
CEO and Founder of Aubry Lane

Ben Chappell
Marketing Director

Parker Misner
Lead Graphic Designer

Gabriella Harbridge
Handbag Designer


Ashley Lutes
Social Media Coordinator/e-Commerce

Adam Jayne
Lead Software Developer

Scott Hager
UX Designer

Scott DeRuby

Aubry Lane Advisory Board

Kim Stoneking - Advisor
Former CEO, Owner of Vantage Group

Mario Garcia - Advisor/Lawyer
Brittain Minnix and Garcia

Steven Stolen - Advisor
CEO - Indianapolis Humane Society
Former VP of Fundraising - Indy Chamber

Randy Sorenson - Advisor
CEO, Caliber Network Solutions
Former Sr. Exec Cisco, Lucent

Doug Patterson - Advisor
Brocade Communications

Derek Hawkins - Advisor
VP of Investments, Becknell Industrial