Top 5 Reasons Aubry Lane Isn’t Your Ordinary Handbag


Aubry Lane isn’t just a pretty face. It’s you. Plus with the Amulet technology, you will experience a security revolution.

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1. Emergency cell phone

No cell phone? No problem! With a press of the SOS button, the Amulet instantly texts and calls 5 pre-programmed contacts to let them know you are in danger. The Amulet will send them your location, as well! Want extra security? Add 911 to your contacts list. If you only want to call one person, simply press the Amulet’s side button.

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2. GPS tracker

The Amulet is equipped with GPS tracking technology and its small enough to fit in your hand. This simple safety device allows you to track your bag from any location, even world wide. The Amulet’s battery will last you three to seven days on single charge.


3. Hidden pocket

Your Amulet is always in reach thanks to Aubry Lane’s hidden pocket. The pocket keeps your Amulet out of sight while always allowing easy access.


4. Tracking Versatility

Know where your Amulet is 24/7 through either the Aubry Lane app or website. It’s the perfect defense against dangerous situations, purse theft, or forgetting where you put your bag.



5. An amazing collection of handbags

Aubry Lane’s bags are a must. The collection of different design and colors makes Aubry Lane a staple of both fashion and safety. You’ll look amazing with one on your shoulder.


Aubry Lane empowers women by helping them feel safe enough to go anywhere. The handbags and Amulet work together to provide style, safety and empowerment for women everywhere.