5 Reasons Why People Are Purchasing Aubry Lane Handbags and Technology

Written By: Kendall Genier


Inside each stylish Aubry Lane handbag is a hidden secret.  These bags combine fashion with safety by including a hidden emergency cell phone called the Amulet.  Here are 5 ways the Aubry Lane purse and Amulet work hand in hand to keep women safe.

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1. Emergency cell phone

The Amulet, powered by T-Mobile, works as a cell phone and allows you to call 5 pre-programmed contacts at the touch of a button.  Any time you might feel unsafe, you can easily call 5 family members or friends for help and support.  There is an additional side button on the Amulet that allows you to call one contact.


2. GPS tracker

The Amulet gives you a greater sense of security with its GPS tracking feature. This feature is also useful in case your purse is misplaced or stolen.


3. Hidden pocket

Safety is never out of reach. Inside each beautifully crafted Aubry Lane purse is a convenient and specially designed hidden pocket to keep your Amulet secure.  It also allows for easy access to press the SOS through the pocket so you can instantly notify the police, family, or friends that you're in danger


4. SOS button

The Amulet has an SOS button that will text and call 5 emergency contacts when pressed. Getting help is as easy and quick as the push of a button.


5. Mobile and web portal

Track your Amulet through the Aubry Lane mobile app or the web portal, whichever is more convenient for you.


Aubry Lane empowers women by helping them feel safe enough to go anywhere. The handbags and Amulet work together to provide style, safety and empowerment for women everywhere.